March 4, 2024

Introduction to Autocad

– What is Drawing?
– What is CAD?
– Advantages of CAD.
– What is Autocad?
– Benifits of Autocad?
– What is Autodesk?

What is Drawings ?
-Drawing is a laguange of engineers which cannot be spoken or listen bu it can easily be under stood by Engineers or professionals to any area of world.

-Drawing can be done by two methods.
a)Manual Drafting

Manual Drafting:
This method was using before the computer. In this method we will draw different drawing 2d and 3d on sheets or papers by using pencil, scale, Drafters and other tools. This method was traditional method which needs lots of efforts & time.

CAD: What is CAD?
Fullform of CAD is Computer Aided Design & Drafting which means we are Desiging and Drafting by using Computer. All the applications or Softwares which we are using to draw 2d or 3d drawings are called CAD Applications or Softwares. Eg. Autocad, Revit, 3DS Max, Sketchup, ETabs, Staadpro etc…

Advantages of CAD:
CAD has lots of advantages over Manual Drafting some of them are as follows,
– Drawing is Easy
– Editing is Easy
– High Productivity
– Economical
– Takes Less time to draw
– It has many modifying Commands
– Copy and Paste
– Print can be in different sizes.
– Library etc…

What is Autocad?
Autocad fullform is Automated Computer Aided Desing and Drafting. It is a software/application develop by Autodesk company for 2d and 3d Desinging.
Autocad is widly used in all over the world by Draughtsmans, Architects, Engineers, Managers and Professionals.
Autocad Software was lauch on 27th December 1982. In the begining Autocad Versions was named as R1,R2,R3…. till the year 1999. From 2000 onwards the Autocad Software as called by the year example are Autocad 2000, Autocad 2001, Autocad 2002 and soon.

Advantages of Autocad:
All the Advanges of CAD which are mentions above are the Advantages of Autocad apart from that
Autocad is a widly used all over the World which means almost all draughtsmans, Engineers, Architects and Professionals can able to use this CAD software.
Autocad has lots of command which makes easy to draw a complex drawings.
Autocad Softwares are Different for different domains like Civil, Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical etc…
Updated versions of Autocad Software can work on 3D designs.

What is Autodesk?
Autodesk is a Multinational US based Company. The Headquater of Autodesk is located in California, USA. John Walker was the founder of Autodesk Company. This Company develops softwares related to Architectural, Construction, Multimedia, Manufacturing & Entertainment Industries. Some of the populer softwares of Autodesk are Autocad, Revit, 3ds Max, Fusion, Maya, Inventor etc…

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