July 15, 2024

Basic Concepts of Autocad

This post covers basic concepts of Autocad. The outlines are
Object Selection Methods
Methods to Execute Command
Methods to Exit From Command
Zoom Methods
Basic Steps
Behavior of a Cursor

– Object Selection Methods:

1)Direct Selection
2)Right to left
The Object which comes partially in the section window be selected
3)Left to Right
The Object which coves completely by the section window be selected

– Methods to Execute Command:

  1. Command Prompt
  2. Menu Bar
  3. Tools Bar

– Methods to Exit From Command:

  1. Enter/Space bar
  2. Esc key
  3. Right Click on Mouse (1st/2nd  option)

Zoom Methods:

  1. Scroll Button in Mouse
  2. Navigation Bar
  3. Zoom Command (z enter)

Basic Steps :

  1. Setting units ( un enter)
  2. Setting limits
  3. Keep UCS Icon to corner

Behavior of a Cursor:

  1. No command mode: Both Cross hair and Pick box will appear
  2. Command mode: Only Cross Hair will appear
  3. Selection Mode: Only Pick Box will appear

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