June 17, 2024

Dimensions Concept in AutoCAD & Commands

In this post you will get to know the complete concept of Dimensions in Autocad. Dimensions are very important for any drawing because by using dimension commands only you will show the drawings details.

The Outline of this article are as follows.
– Dimension Terminology
– Associative, Non-Associative & Exploded Dimensions
– Linear Dimension
– Aligned Dimension
– Ordinate Dimension
– Radius & Diameter Dimension
– Arc Length Dimension
– Angular Dimension
– Baseline & Continue Dimension
– Dimension Break
– Quick Dimension
– Dimension Center

– Dimension Terminology:

Dimension Terminology

The above image shows the dimension terminology in Autocad. By reading the image one can understand the different parts and its name of dimensions.

– Associative, Non-Associative & Exploded Dimensions :

  • Associative Dimension   S/k DIMASSOC – 2
  • Non Associative Dimension    S/k  DIMASSOC – 1
  • Exploded Dimension    S/k DIMASSOC – 0

– If the dimension is associate with the line or any object in the drawing that means if the line or object is modified then the dimension is also changed this is called associative dimension. Command in associative dimension is Dimassoc – 2.
– If the dimension of a line or any object in the drawing of a autocad is modified or changed then the dimesion is unchanged then this is called non associative dimension. Command for non associative dimension is Dimassoc – 1.
– If the dimension of a line or any object in the autocad drawing all the parts of dimensions are not connected to each other then it is called exploded dimension. Command for exploded dimension is Dimassoc – 0.

– Linear Dimension : (Command : DLi)

If the dimension in autocad are horizontal or vertical the this command is used. i.e 0, 90, 180 or 360 degrees.

– Aligned Dimension : (Command : DAl)

If the dimension is aligned i.e if the lines or objects are aligned in different angles i.e between 0 to 90 degrees example 30, 45, 60 etc… are called as Aligned dimension.

– Ordinate Dimension: (Command : DOr)

It shows the vertical distance i.e Y distance for origin to a perticular point.

It shows the horizontal distance i.e X distance for origin to a perticular point.

Radius & Diameter Dimension : (Command : DRa & DDi)

Dimension Radius shows the radius of circle or arc. The command shortcut is DRa.

Dimension Diameter shows the diameter of a circle or arc. The Command short cut in Autocad is Ddi.

Dimension Arc Length : (Command – DAr)

Arc Dimension shows the length of a arc. An example is as shown in the figure. The command in autocad is DAr.

– Angular Dimension : (Command – DAn)

Angular dimensions shows the angle between the two lines. The Autocad command is DAn.

– Baseline and Continue Dimension: (Command – DBa, DCo)

Baseline dimension show dimension for multiple point from one basepoint. As show in the image three dimensions are show from one baseline. Command in Autocad is DBa.

Continue Dimension is the dimension which will show the next continue point. The Command in Autocad is DCo.

– Dimension Break : (Command – Dimbr)

Dimension break is a modification in already existing dimension. This dimension command will break and extend to a line that shows the dimension. The command in autocad is Dimbr.

– Quick Dimension : (Command – QDim)

This quick dimension used to show group of dimensions between all endpoints, center points of object which are selected.

The command for quick dimension in Autocad is Qdim.

– Dimension Center : (Command – DCe)

Dimension center will marks the center point or Center line of a Circle or arc.

The Command of Dimension center in Autocad is Dce.

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